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>>shepard: it is 3:00 on the east coast and this is fox news coverage of the 57th presidential inauguration for the 44th president. we are at the nation's capitol. the swearing in is complete. the address is in the books and now president obama and the first lady have finished the lunch at the capitol 40 minutes late. they are ready for the parade which will happen right behind us, behind schedule but hundreds of thousands here for the ceremony. many waited hours in the very
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cold morning to cheer on the president's motorcade. the sun is out. look at the route. 1.5 mile long. the limousine will leave the capitol later than scheduled. they will head down pennsylvania avenue that parallels the national mall. there is a big turn when the motorcade is at the treasury building. there is word that is where the first and first lady may leave the limousine and walk the final stretch to the white house. it will cap off a day of celebrations in washington, dc including the ceremonial swearing in of the president for four more years in the white house. >> i will to the best of my ability, preserve and protect and defend the constitution of the united states, so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. [ applause ] >> president obama took the oath on a stack of bibles one used in abraham lincoln's inauguration
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another belonging to dr. martin luther king jr. who we honor today. the president referenced the slain civil rights leader prominently in the remarks. he took on gay rights and immigration and entitlements and the deep political divide across our nation. first to the parade route. john roberts will travel with the parade along pennsylvania avenue if the technical gods allow it. john, good afternoon. >> so far the gods are with us. if we could spin the camera over here a little bit you can see the east front of the capitol the president will join the motorcade coming out of the driveway from the east front to the constitution avenue. this will be in the next hour and a half to two hours. the parade is 1.5 mile long including a mix of civilian and military contributions, mostly marching bands and a lost floats
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that will be brought in from the civilian side of things something implemented in 1841 by william henry harrison. you will know he liked to do things big. he had the longist inaugural address of anyone at two hours in horrible weather and he did not wear a hat or cold and he died 30 days later but he had floats in the parade. there are 2,100 members of the military who will join today's festivities along with 13,000 others who have capped off the number of people that can participate in this parade at 15,000. as we work our way along the parade route, it will be interesting to see how many turned out for the second parade. in 2009 they were lined up 20 and 30 deep along pennsylvania avenue. near the capitol where it is staging we see just a smarterring of people but further down the road we can see they are two or three deep to
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constitution avenue turning into pennsylvania avenue. for the next hour and a half we will be on the road and with you every step as the secret service drivers take us down this parade route. >>shepard: john roberts, thanks so much. in the second inauguration address he gave a preview as to the agenda of the next four years calling on all americans to come together to strengthen the middle class, to shrink the deficit and fight for equal pay for men and women and help sure the safety our children, reform immigration law and establish equal rights for gay americans. he devoted several sentences to the battle against climate change which is notable considering some of the critics barely took on the issue the first term. the facts back that up. the president called for our
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divided congress to act. >> for now, decisions are upon us. we cannot afford delay. we cannot mistake absolutism for principle or substitute spectacle for politics or treat name-calling as reasoned debate. we must act. we must act, knowing our work will be imperfect. >>shepard: he defended the social welfare programs including medicare, medicaid, and social security. now we turn to ed henry live in lafayette park. the president drew inspiration from abraham lincoln and dr. martin luther king jr. in the speech. >>reporter: no doubt. it is no secret this is the first african-american secret and he happens to be sworn in on the same day we celebrate martin luther king jr. day. he was drawing if his remarks,
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in the address, clearly inspiration from both dr. king, abraham lincoln, his second inaugural address we saw flashes of that. he was signaling in the address he is planning to be very aggressive and he believes he has a mandate for change. you mentioned gay rights. he is the first to mention the word "gay" in the inaugural address. he did that. he reprised some of the major themes from the campaign. >> we, the people, understand that our country cannot succeed when a shrinking too do very well and a growing many barely make it. we believe america's prosperity must rest upon the broad shoulders of a rising middle class. >>reporter: you heard that theme again and again and a lot of the president's campaign addresses throughout the election season.
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he went on at a time of deficits being front and center to talk about debt and deficits on capitol hill. he was very aggressive defending entitlement such as social security and medicare and medicaid. in this address, the president signals he believes he has a mandate. he will be aggressive about pushing change in the second term. >>shepard: some of the change, can you make the argument it could happen? republicans are coming around on immigration issues. the polls suggest gay rights issue is taking a turn, as well, right? >>reporter: no question. he was able to pass the health care bill in the first term. the second term, in part, will be about implementing that law that republicans opposed but, obviously, chief justice roberts was the justice that helped decide that, in fact, it is the law of the land. the president, we should note, suggested he is going to reach out to republicans. he started the day at st. john's church across lafayette park, a
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little prayer service, and the pastor talked about how the pastor in chief in recent days in places like newtown, connecticut, has to reach across the aisle and do that on capitol hill, and when speaker boehner gave a toast a few moments ago at the traditional luncheon between the president and the congressional leaders he spoke about coming together. take a listen. >> in the spirit of harmony i'm proud to present the flags that flew over this battalion of democracy today, to president obama and vice president joe biden. to you gentleman, i say, congratulations and godspeed. >>reporter: the real test whether they can come together is not today with the porch and circumstance but more likely next month with the president going back to capitol hill to deliver the state of the union address. he will have more details on immigration reform, the deficit reduction plan with sharp
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differences between the parties. they are talking about coming together today but there will be a lot of major policy battles in the days ahead. people have been waiting on pennsylvania av parade to come by and they cannot wait to see the president. the pomp and circumstance will carry the day for now; the policy for another day. >>shepard: i work in new york and you in washington and only today did i learn that your nickname is crazy eddie spaghetti. how did that happen? chn or here? >>reporter: i am now at fox and a colleague, a great cameramen at fox aimed me eddie spaghetti and i am glad you revealed that to the world. >>shepard: now that i know, you will be, on studio b, crazy eddie spaghetti. so, have a great day, c.e.s. on this historic day. now, the host of fox news sunday
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and our colleague, chris wallace, crazy eddie spaghetti, who knew? >>chris: i didn't know that. you do not have to be in new york to be in the dark but i assured knowing -- i assure ed knowing you and our relationship you will call him that any time. >>shepard: a man who works in a room with no windows and sun how would you know what happens here? tell us something, chris. >>chris: anything? i was going to say i thought it was a great day. i hate the expression "pomp and circumstance" but i don't know what else to say. we do ceremony great in america. look, there are a lot of, face it, a lot of folks that are happy that obama won, a slight majority, and a very sizable minority who are not so happy but today it seems to me, at least in terms of the ceremony,
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it isn't about that but it is about the transfer of power. in this case, the reaffirmation of power. just watching all the three branches of government and some of the articles of constitution coming into play, it was, really, a celebration of our government, our democracy, and our historic traditions. when it came to the president's speech that was different. i agree with what ed said and some of us said earlier, the president said, i campaigned on a bunch of issues and i intend to redeem those promises i made. i will keep the promises. there was talk of common ground but, shep, what he was saying was, common ground, coming together on his terms, whether it was support for entitlements, whether it was women's issues, gay rights, immigration reform, voting rights, gun control, he was basically saying, i won.
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>>shepard: you are putting women's rights and some of the others all in a partisan matter? he talked about protecting the children from newtown, the way you go about that is a matter of political debate, but you way you get women's equal pay is something for partisan debate but one side or the other does not believe that women are worth less than men because their chromosomes are different. >>chris: i agree, point well-taken but that was a partisan issue in the campaign. remember, it was obama campaign that at great length attacked romney and the so-called "war on women." they talked about abortion. they talked about access to birth control in a variety of other related issues. it seems to me the president made that a partisan issue in the campaign and he did very well among women. it was a sizable gender gap. he was saying, i intend to keep the promises i made to you in
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the campaign even where republicans and democrats differ. >>shepard: thank you, chris. >>shepard: the commanding general of the military district of washington with the president and vice president as they step forward opposed to making their way.
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>>shepard: tradition has it that commander in chief, just sworn in, the first order of business, after the big lunch and the signing ceremony is a review of the troops. today, on this 57th inaugural, the second for the 44th president, the troop review is underway.
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>>shepard: the troop review will complete here and then the
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president gets in the him blow and they drive along and he will probably get out. the weather is nice. the security is ready for it. we are waiting for the presidential motorcade here at review stand where the president will sit over my left shoulder with the first family and the official delegation. later, we will see them take the walk on this stretch. now he is getting into the limo. chris, he said, whether you like what he said or however you want to classify what he said, for the people, or liberal or whatever, it was a bold and expansive agenda laid out that seems almost impossible to get it all done. i wonder if you think gun control or crime control or whatever they brand it, is where he starts and where does he go next? >>chris: most of the thing he talked about in the speech today, and he campaigned on these things and the belief is elections have consequences and he made promises to the american
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people that he will keep them. one issue was not gun control and barely mentioned which is considered a liability for democrats because this is a lot, or thought to be a lot of opposition to it, but newtown happened after the election and clearly the president was personally moved, deeply moved, as the father of two young children, by the slaughter of the 20 young children in newtown and he decided to make gun control a big issue. clearly it was not on the agenda before that, it is at the top now. he understands the emotional tone of newtown and will try to take advantage of that. i would be surprised if you do not see him and the vice president making an aggressive push not only in washington, dc, but, also, campaigning around the country not only to try to put pressure on republicans but, also, red state democrats who could be up for election in 2014, to say to them this is a tipping point, this is a game
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changer and we need to do some things to try to protect all of our people but especially our children. >>shepard: a seize the day employment and he is doing just that. republicans made it clear before the break that they going to slow walk this, as has been tradition, some of the republican leadership saying we will focus on jobs, jobs, jobs. the president will make a push for this, though, and it clearly has moved the president and the polls, with enormous number changes in recent months. >>chris: absolutely. the most astonishing is the universal background check. according to a number of polls from the weekend, 90 percent plus americans support universal background checks which right now are only 60 percent of the sales of guns in the country do people have to be checked. people say, if it is not the weapon that kills people it is the person, why would we want 40 percent of the sales to take place without any check to see whether someone or not has a
12:21 pm
criminal record or whether they have a mental health record? that seems to have moved a lot of public opinion, the idea if you are going to buy a gun we ought to know you do not have red flags in your background. >>shepard: it doesn't make much sense. chris, great to see you. happy inauguration day and happy mlk day. >>chris: same to you, thank you. >>shepard: the presidential inauguration has been a cornerstone of the nation's identity for more than two centuries. the peaceful transition of power is the most visible aspect of the democratic process. we will look at how the process works and the deeper meaning in the men tradition while we wait if the motorcade and the rest to come to the review platform. the president will it is directly behind us as will all of the president's men and women and children and all the rest.
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this has turned out to an spectacular day. not a cloud in the stay as the sunsets. hope you stay with us. i am shepard smith in washington, dc.
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>>shepard: 24 minutes past 3:00 in the nation's capitol. you are looking live as the president has stopped by -- i just got a note from folks who are along the parade route saying that the president stopped along -- i will read it. president obama and others stopped by the statue of dr. martin luther king jr. in the capitol rotunda here on martin luther king day, with the statute between the paintings of
12:26 pm
the pilgrims and paid tribute to the late reverend martin luther king and now we look live from the camera of john roberts. the flatbed truck is ahead in front of the motorcade. because technology allows it, we are following along. some of the best moments are when the technology fails so we can hope that happens. since we can go to john roberts, we will. john, what is happening there? >> we hoping the technology will serve us well because we have a lot way do go, more than a mile to the white house. you are look at the turn we made on constitution avenue with a fabulous display of military music and ceremony as a number of military marching bands and dressed house platoons came by. just for the report, each of the platoons on the rifles they had a bayonet.
12:27 pm
there were three presidential limousines behind us. we are 100 feet away from the furthest. two are decoys. one is actually carrying the president. i will not tell you on camera which is carrying the president but obviously if the president gets out that will become apparent quickly. we are now just going the long, long motorcade and this will be one of the biggest motorcades you have ever seen all the way along the parade route between constitution avenue to pennsylvania we make the job around the treasury department and then home in front of the white house. it is going to be a great afternoon. the weather could not be better for this inaugural parade l is a chance for the president to get face-to-face with the people which is going right now. >>shepard: the thinking is, john, we do not know for sure, but we thing he will get out and walk around and it will be a great moment, right? >> jimmy carter back in 197 literally stepped foot outside the capitol and walk all the way
12:28 pm
to the white house. no president has since. but every president, along the way, gets out at some point and gets out this and greets the people. does not necessarily go up and shake hands but will get along the route where this president on this parade could get out of couple of times, and as you make that turn from the capitol, and, again,te house. you can hear people cheering now. there are only a couple of people deep right now at this point, but further along the route it could be deeper. back in 2009, you may remember, there were 10, 20, and 30' deep in some cases. it will be interesting to see how many came out for this. >>shepard: i have never seen like the crowds here four years ago. we had to get up at 4:30 in the morning just to make our way from the hotel over here to the reviewment form. it was crazy! who would expect on the second term for there to be that many
12:29 pm
people. nobody! ask george bush. we were transitioning from one government to another, thankfully we can now all breathe including carl cameron who is a few blocks away. >>carl: the excitement is building but the clean up is something to behold. there are 1,500 portable toilets that have not been cleaned but the liter was like something in a time-lapse photography, the cleaners ripped through here and cleaned it all up and the address here on the mall we do not have exact estimates but probably over half a million people and it came off at least as far as we know without incident. a couple in the ought conference tried to climb tries and law enforcement politely asked them to step down. other than that, it is now on to the parade. so far, a beautiful day with weather. >>shepard: is treat climbing a
12:30 pm
capital offense? >>carl: no, the reaction do what the president said from republicans and conservatives, there is all right the beginning of rumbling it was too combative and he is advancing an agenda that is sure to guarantee more gridlock and partisan warfare for the next one, two, three, or four years but it is worth remembering the founders set up this country for the express purpose of checking power. the checks and balances of our three parts of government constantly checking one another's power and the idea that no president could ever become a monarch or a dictator or have too much power is the underpinnings and the result of it is often gridlock and the founders saw that as a good thing so that no radical decisions could be taken too far and the congress checks the president and the judiciary
12:31 pm
checks the executive, and there was reason by some for concern in the president's remarks, this is a day to celebrate the peaceful transformation of power. we have to recognize the looming partisan battle is, in fact, one of the products that was anticipated, one of the products that was intentional and if congress decides they are going to slaw walk the president's agenda or the president decides to ram things through this is the process the founders put through in the constitution and the democrat collarration of independence to make sure that the government remains "we the people." that will be debated to the extent that survived, as well. >>shepard: in the end, we, the people, can make decisions based on what we see our representatives do and act. you mention gridlock. did you have more in your remarks?
12:32 pm
>>carl: there have been a number of republicans and democrat whose have rushed to iowa and new hampshire to look what will happen in four years. the process is never-ending process. the evolution and dissatisfaction, that, too, is pronounced, as is the satisfaction and elation we saw on the mall. >>shepard: thank you, happy innothingation day. you mention gridlock, there may be gridlock in politics but last night it took longer to get from reagan national airport to the capitol than it did to get from john f. kennedy to dca. talk about street closings, these people are crazy. today, the president told hundreds of thousands gathers here, our journey is not complete. as the president enters his second term his agenda will face new fights in the bitterly divided congress and we are watching for new developments
12:33 pm
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>>shepard: live in the nation's capitol as the motorcade inched to the white house, at the treasury building we are told president obama and the first lady could get out and walk the rest of the way. at white house they will watch the parade from the viewing booth which is right behind us at our location right here on pennsylvania avenue while we watch the motorcade we will bring in jim from capitol hill. the democratic process on full display today. >> it was on full display, you are right. many people may see inauguration as the crowning of their chosen candidate but it is really an affirmation of the democratic system and our practices that show they endure, a reminder the transfer of power from the
12:37 pm
constitution is unshakeable, an unshakeable american tradition. >> you have throughout the world leaders come into power through juntas or coups. >> but in the united states they are the heartbeat of democracy. several presidents have chosen to emphasize the historical significance. john f. kennedy, for instance, in 1961, began the address with these words. >> we observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom symbolizing an end as well as a going, signifying renewal, as well as change. >> the first president bush, he captured the historical and nonpartisan nature of the inauguration by calling it
12:38 pm
"democracy isn't big day." >> a good play to talk as neighbors and as friends. this is a day when our nation is made whole, when our differences for a moment are suspended. >> so democrat and republicans watch the president take the oath by swearing on a bible in most cases, in fact, you saw that today, as the president placed his hand, well, yesterdays when he was officially sworn in, and, today, he put his hand on two bibles, that of abraham lincoln on the 150th anniversary this month of the emancipation proclamation and of martin luther king whose civil rights movement changed the country. he also, you will remember, most presidents say, so help me god at the end of the oath although that is not part of the official oath of the men believe it began
12:39 pm
with george washington. it happened today as president obama also said "so help me god." as you can imagine, shep, anyone who becomes president soon realizes he or perhaps some day, she, needs all the people they can get. shep? >>shepard: jim, thank you. they have come to the shadows and are moving slowly, making their way ever so slowly down pennsylvania avenue. early today as he was leaving the stage, the president stopped to take in the moment. he said i will not see this, the first african-american president calls for national unity and equality and laid out key issues for the next four years including immigration, prosperity of the middle class and the transition out of afghanistan. and a.b. is associate editor and
12:40 pm
columnist for "the hill." thoughts, a.b.? >> a very excited crowd along the parade route. if it is not the same in numbers as four years ago the enthusiasm is very high. it is interesting to see the reaction, the strong reaction, on both sides to the president's inauguration address. conservatives are upset because there was not enough outreach and thing he should read across the divide and democrats very happy to hear climate change as a front and center issue. it was thought a promise from the campaign, gun control, as well, another promise that was not part of the campaign. much talk about equality that was bolder than the kind of words he has used in the past. almost like he has been liberated by this final election, never facing the voters again in his life. it is interesting because he doesn't have a huge mandate but there is so much energy on the
12:41 pm
democratic side right now and high hopes for this term that the challenges are so steep for him in the reality of the political math and whether he has the votes to pass a far-researching agenda. >>shepard: whether he has mandate or the votes these were the promises he made, not so much on gun control, that wasn't part of the campaign at the time the polls were different. >> climate. we are just not going to see a carbon tax, it went down several years ago like a stone. many democrats lost in 2010 because of health square and stimulus and the cap and trade vote. we will not see banning of ammunitions or weaponry. we have hoped there is some kind of conscience us. >>shepard: you think no chance for large capacity magazines? >> the numbers do not exist on republican or democrat.
12:42 pm
>>shepard: closing the gun show loophole? >> the polls show a change in support. >>shepard: if we stuck with the polls we would have had slavery longer. it is not as if bold politicians do what should be done. >> we have representatives who are up for re-election and they are representing gun owners. this campaign has to move more votes. >>shepard: stay with us. james is along the parade route. how does it look, james? >> fabulous, the president's motorcade just passed by us. he waves from the g.m.-created cadillac limousine and got a big rousing reception from the people who were gathered here in what is known as judiciary square in washington. the people were lined up, i want to say ten deep right in this section although we understand that the town out by and large is lower than it was four years ago.
12:43 pm
we expected he could walk the parade route at this point but they stayed in the limousine. it is quite an extraordinary procession. but different vehicles, secret service vehicles, all of them with sirens and lights flashing and on yards behind me you can see some of the 59 different groups represented comprising more than 8,000 people waiting to start the parade and 200 animals part of the parade. we will seamanningnd behalves, we will see military, just ready to go and people were dressed up like it was 1776 and that was quite a spectacle playing fife and drums. very good behavior, motivated by the president's every three feet of uniformed police and air force enlisted personnel. >>shepard: and we will listen in live from 200 animals are
12:44 pm
playing. >>reporter: you. hear the noises. >>shepard: president obama broke new political ground in the inaugural speech today with the details next and a look at the historical con text and perspective as our coverage from washington continues of the 57th presidential inauguration. e count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices.
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>>shepard: president obama in part of the address today. we have a live look at the inaugural parade which is making its way down pennsylvania avenue. the kind of thing we are waiting for is for the president to get out of the car because clearly that is what everyone wants. everyone who is here, they want him to get out and walk. to wave. to be with the people the we thought it could happen a few minutes ago. now we think it could happen when he turns the corner. they stopped. look, look, look, listen up! maybe they were listening to us on sirius xm.
12:48 pm
for all those waiting for the president to get out of the car, there is breaking news now. the president is out of the car. the first lady there with him. they are walking right along pennsylvania avenue. a.b. i am sure you were listening, what we were waiting, for the president to get out and, sure enough, i said that and they said "presenting the president." we said it was a cold morning but it is so beautiful, he had no excuse. the sun is shining. it is balmy out here. it was time to get out and tell
12:49 pm
the enthusiastic people who came so far although there are not as many as last time, thank you for coming. >> it is a running joke today, you know, it is like alabama won the national championship again. well, all right. >> these are the most enthusiastic. these people are invested in this day. as americans. many of them, as loyal obama supporters. they traveled from far and wide to be here. they are as excited as four years ago. >>shepard: and the sun is out. we are all more excited now that the sun is out. >>shepard: we still have the electric blankets on but the president and the first lady did not have that luxury. we have a presidential historian watching this from new york. this has not always happened but it has been going on since i have been covering these things. what i noticed today about the president's speech and you gave it as a talking point, is how he
12:50 pm
seemed to be speaking to people of a certain generation today. it has been widely held believe that people my parents' age do not see things as folks my age and below but president obama is speaking to the younger. >> he tried to lay out that there were issues here that were "our generation" to solve and one of the reasons, that is happening in our politics, you look at demographic, declining number of white voters, the rising number of minority voters and there is a different political calculation going on. that is what the republicans have been reacting to. i thought a bunch of the issues he outlines. you mention climate change, immigration, gun control reduction, and gay issues, whatever. i work on a college campus and see younger people, regardless of their political party identification, a lot of them are more liberal on a number of
12:51 pm
these issues than, say, their parents or, maybe, the party they affiliate themselves with is at the leadership level. that could be an interesting point where the president wants to go in the next two to four years and where the democratic party could be trying to go to firm up their hold. >>shepard: a.b., a challenge that the republican party has now, is bringing in the leadership as i have heard the republicans describe it, up with some of the constituents? >> it will be an interesting moment. the republican party has been leaderless for so many years now, cleansed by the tea party which is a heardless movement, headed into 2016 hoping to build a coalition that represents the country that can capture a majority of votes and win back the white house. to do so, they are looking at a younger generation that have moved on gay rights, on climate,
12:52 pm
have moved so hard and done so rapidly in ten years or so on the issues away from the establishment of the republican party. you look at immigration, the demographic challenges, they are going do have to make some policy changes. when they say, does that mean change our principles? if your policies do not represent a majority of the people you will be a minority party. you will not be a majority party. this is going to push the republican party on climate, on gay rights issues, on immigration, out of their comfort zone to attract new voters. >>shepard: a.b. has places to go and people to see, sitting with the obamas. so nice to see you, thank you for being here. john bussey, editor at "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of this network we are speaking how the parties
12:53 pm
are moving to the younger generation and this is the feeling it has been said here on ten today that the republicans are making the effort not just to do so with the faces, the color of the people and the age of the people but making the effort to make a transition the issues, as well, with the tea party, fighting, kicking and screaming. >> that is right. this is an opportunity to reflect. particularly since today is a day to catch your breath. it is not meant to be polemics. you cannot find were of a message in what happened today. on the gay rights issue, this note that everyone is making, this is the first time an inaugural address mentioned gay rights, well, the public view of this has shifted. there is data now that shows significant move in favor of not just gay rights but gay marriage from a few years ago.
12:54 pm
so the president is articulating that. at the end of the day, what you probably heard was a spiritual moment in which the spirit of the declaration of independence is, again, honored and most polem icks are set aside for the day. >>shepard: i am talking about republicans and their challenges and the president walks down on 9 day of the second inauguration, john bussey, in the days after the first inauguration as republicans were getting ready to fight and democrats were hearing of the bold and progressive agenda it was hard to imagine probably for a lot of people this day would come, but here we are. >> this day is something not just a reaffirmation of democracy but for those who remember it was just a few years ago we elected our first mixed race president and he was re-elected and that is to a
12:55 pm
certain extent a reaffirmation of something democratic in our society. a couple of days from now, guess what? we are back to business as usual. thank gosh. there is a lot of business to contend with. on wednesday, there will be a vote in the house of representatives, the republicans want there to an votes on the debt ceiling and delaying or expanding the debt ceiling and giving lip to 9 debt ceil for another two or flee months. we will be back in the thick of things in a few minutes but today we catch our breath. >>shepard: a lot of breath capping to be done. john bussey live with us from the "wall street journal" and steve, over to you, steve. well, steve is otherwise engaged i am now told. back to evan, presidential historian and live with us from new york, the president just got back into the limousine and will come to the reviewing stand behind us. i guess this is an important day for us to remember who it is we
12:56 pm
are and what we espouse to be and send a message to the world but more than anything, isn't this good for the kids on martin luther king jr. day to have the african-american president coming for his second inauguration? there is hope for a lot of people wrapped up in this man who may not have had hope before. >> there is hope for a lot of people wrapped up in this man. the constitution talked about and referred to, he used the phrase "we the people identification and that discussion used to treat people like him as three-fifths of a person to vote. so the change since the first inaugural address of a president in this city of new york, george washington, in 1789 is a huge and inspiring change not only for the children of the united states but if the people of the world and that is why we all take a breath and think about
12:57 pm
the extraordinary achievement that constitution has made possible. >> dean of the school of communication at hofstra university on long island new york, a terrific host, and we have met a last your students and appreciated him, thank you, sir. we are wrapping up "studio b" this afternoon and making room for neil cavuto who will be with us in a short time. the sun has dipped behind one of the big buildings in the nation's cap doll -- capitol we will turn to a quick break. [ male announcer ] ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much you think. except it's 2% every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch. over time it really adds up. then go to e-trade and find out how much our advice costs.
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